Executive Communications Skills Training, Sales Training and Leadership Development

Steve Giglio has learned that brands get blurry at the point where individuals communicate it. Many times that starts at the top with a company’s leadership. Using his keen insight, well-researched industry knowledge and professional communication skills, Steve has created leadership development and sales training programs that have helped Fortune 100 companies focus their brands.  Click below to learn how Steve has utilized his knowledge-base and training in two critical business areas:

Effective Communications Skills Training

Steve Giglio is an experienced trainer and knows how to improve communication skills for individuals and team. Working with Fortune 500 companies, Steve’s business communication skills training programs deliver consistent results. Have an individual who needs to have a more assertive communication style? Perhaps your sales team needs to improve their business communication to close more deals. Steve has experience it all and provided valuable insight that helps individual and teams achieve their goals.

Sales Training and Leadership Development

Steve Giglio has provided results-driven sales training programs to the world’s most recognizable brands. Under his direction, sales teams and executives learn consistency of message, the value of systematizing the sales process and the importance of bottom-line pressure points. Steve’s sales training programs can be tailored to individual executives or he can deliver customized training for sales teams. And his training programs deliver results.

"Steve's program gave me a higher level of confidence, allowing me to be more assertive, driven and in control. Steve always wants you to win and will settle for nothing less."
Jason Wagenheim, Associate Publisher, Vanity Fair